Dear New Consultant,

I commend you for making the decision to begin this business, and it is my privilege to welcome you to the incredibly supportive family of Hope Dealers Nation! I chose that name because Arbonne's retired president once told me, "Always remember, we are hope dealers.  We get to spend our lives offering hope to others." 

Someone cared enough to reach out and share with you an opportunity that you might have initially been closed to (just as I was!). As certain as I was that I would say no, as I listened to what was possible through this vehicle, a sleeping giant within me began to awaken and to dream again. You may not yet realize the enormity of the opportunity you've been given. Your dream may be small or it may be so huge and impossible sounding that you are afraid to share it with anyone......whatever it is, I encourage you to dream even bigger, because it is ALL possible and then exceeding abundantly above all you could ask or think. You have been given a realistic proven track to run on to live the rest of your life not by default, but by design. Our work is simply introducing others to products that will change their health and offering a business that will change their lives.

The income you will earn, the free vacations, and the Mercedes will pale in comparison to the person you will become. Come back and read this again in two years; you will not recognize yourself. You are embarking on a journey of personal and leadership growth beyond compare.   

Your sponsor, your DM, your AM, and your VPs are all here to support, train, and encourage you to use this gift that has been entrusted to you to the fullest. 

Welcome to the newest Hope Dealer!

With Love, 


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New Consultant Checklist

Step One: signing up + placing your START UP ORDER

Way to go! Once you have signed up online as a new consultant for $49.00, you will want to place your start up order. 

Business builder options

  • These are like a "Business in a Box". Click here for the fabulous free gift list!

Remember to Add!

Order one gold RE9 bag for each set that you will use as a tester set, and order one to two packs of Opportunity Brochures. See below for pricing and how to search for them in your online store.


Step Two: Book your two launches with your sponsor within the first 2 weeks

Get with your sponsor to book your two launch dates within the first two weeks so you can begin inviting your friends + family. These are light and fun - they are to celebrate you and to let others know that you are officially "open for business!" 

  • The new consultant's job is to be the amazing hostess and have everything on display. Your sponsor does the rest (including the the entire presentation for you)!

Step three: Schedule 3-way Strategy Session with your sponsor and/or upline

Once you have both of your launches booked, you will schedule this with your sponsor and upline. The call will be exactly 30 mins.

You will need: (click to download)

Step four: System for Success

Click to download the System for Success (40 Faces)

* Arbonne 30
 Begin the Arbonne 30, and find 5 more to do this with you!

* Sample Packs
Start thinking of 10 out of town people whom you will ask to try these. You and your sponsor will do a little coaching on them!

* RE9 Tester Sets
Please reference the One-On-Ones section.

* Additional Bookings
Once you've set your launch dates, begin asking others to help you by getting a few friends together for you.  It's perfectly ok if one or more of these fall before your launch date!  Then more bookings will come from your launches. Your sponsor or upline will be coming to help you or will be jumping on via video conference (

Step FIVE: Happy Asking

This document breaks down how you can easily "Make the Ask". Click to download the Happy Asking Document.

Other details

  • Download Voxer - It’s a free app that functions like a walkie talkie. Once you download it, you will love it because it’s so helpful for any quick questions and communicating.

  • Download Arbonne Calculator - You will this at all of your parties, presentations, and when closing orders.

  • Download The Source - You can download this in the App store and you can also locate it on your Arbonne Dashboard. It is loaded with tons of resources, inspiration, trainings, and corporate information.

  • Download the Shop Arbonne App

  • Download My Office - An incredible tool that tracks your volume and you and your team's performance.

  • You can also use Canva for creating your invites. Check out team member Amber Lilyestrom's tutorial here.

So what's next

It’s time to think big and feel confident in sure steps.

Focus: Inviting + inspiring others! 

You can start building and growing your team today! The best thing to focus on now is getting your sample packs out once they arrive to you and having the business conversation with others. Be where you are and simply share your excitement! Your sponsor and upline are here for you every step of the way. Vox them at anytime!

Get your personal link for your online store

Here's how: Sign in to your Arbonne account/dashboard and look half way down. This is so amazing - people can begin shopping with YOU today! You can also begin placing your own orders (amen for 35% discount!) 

Hello, social media!

Your sponsor will also do a fun post on your personal fb page and will add/welcome you to all your team fb groups: Hope Dealers Nation and other groups your upline AM and/or RVP manage. We can't wait for everyone to get to know about you!

We are right here if you need anything - this is going to be so fun! We are proud of you and can’t wait for this journey together! 

Ready for instant inspiration

Listen to the Build it Big series on SoundCloud - Click Here