you will want printed for all presentations

Click to download.

Arbonne Special Value Packs Close Sheets: Every guest will need one of these to see best deals by package; this is the order form.

Compensation Plan + 3 Ways to Benefit: It is recommended to have 8 of these.  3 Ways to Benefit on the front and Compensation Plan on the back. Place back to back in clear sleeves or laminate.

Wellness Profile: Every guest will use these at all of your events and write on them; have 1 for each guest and then always have a little folder of about 10 just for backup.

Your Calendar: Have unavailable dates marked off/open dates clear. This lets your hostesses see which days you are available for parties.

Core Presentation: This is the presentation we use for every party - you will see an awesome list at the beginning for what you need and how to prep! 

Catalogues (one for each guest): You will want to have a few copies of this to help with ordering. 

Inserts for envelope game: Click here for a video playlist for how to rock the Envelope Game! 

Host Rewards and Additional Incentives: Place back to back in clear sleeves or laminate.

How to give our hostesses Host Rewards: Review this step by step document to walk through our amazing Hostess Rewards. 

The Free Product page changes every few months; check The Source for the current "Pick Me Free Gift List."

Opportunity Packets: Opportunity packets are the best way to share information about our business opportunity. "If I gave you some information on Arbonne's income opportunity, would you take a look at it?"  

Place the following inside a clear envelope.  One source to find the envelopes is item B85.

  • Arbonne Opportunity Brochure - found in Business Aids. Be sure to add your personal label.

  • Compensation Plan print out.

  • One to two EOAs (Arbonne Success Stories) - you can print them from the Source or start saving them when they come shipped in your orders.

  • Your business card.

Hostess Coaching

Arbonne Hostess Organizer: Make the most out of your presentations! 

Wellness Workshops

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond Presentation: Use this presentation for your clean eating and wellness workshops. 

30 Day Clean Eating Tracker

Important! Let your District Manager know when you or a Preferred Client have placed the order for the Nutrition ASVP so they can add you to the secret Facebook group for the next 30 Day Program.

to have on display for all presentations

  • At all of your events we have the full RE9 Set displayed and the Nutrition Set, as well as 3 of your favorite products!

  • With the nutrition, we make a shake as well, so I always like to have almond or coconut milk and frozen fruit so it's super yummy!

  • Have washcloths and headbands for the guests for their facials.

  • Click here for an 8-minute video from team member Rachel Camfield on what to expect at the parties.

What to Expect

At your launches you will open the presentation by sharing your why (your reasons) for starting your Arbonne business. Remember to paint a big picture! You can check out team member, Rachel Camfield's 8 minute video for more on what to expect. Make sure you have put labels with your contact information (phone, email, and Arbonne website) on your catalogs and opportunity packets, too! 

Your Why formula