One-on-Ones are an awesome way to introduce others to Arbonne’s products!  Workshops/group presentations may cancel at times, but you can always set up another one-on-one!  And one-on-ones provide the opportunity to get to know the other person much better as you ask questions and learn more about how you can best serve them.


RE9 Tester Sets

Our very balanced System for Success includes two One-On-One appointments each week sharing a full size tester set of the RE9 line.  We call these our “employees.”  While you are at work or spending time with family or working out, your RE9 employees are working for you!  They are being used morning/night by others who most likely have never had ultra-premium Swiss skin care on their skin before. 

  • Before dropping one off, set a definite time/place 5 – 7 days later where you will meet for them to return the set and give you their opinion.

  • Ask your sponsor and/or join the next New Consultant Training to learn more!

  • Use the RE9 Advanced Tote, found under General – Item #967


Fit Kits: Sharing our 30 Day Clean Eating Program

After sharing a little about this, ask, “If I sent you a 19 minute video by my ENVP, who is a physician, would you watch it?”  If yes, email them this video by Dr. Lynn Puana, and set a time the next day to follow up.

  • Here is the link to send:

  • When introducing others to our 30 Day Clean Eating program or simply our awesome nutritional products, give out a “Fit Kit!” Include any or all of the following:

    • Protein Shakes (individual packets), Energy Fizz Sticks, Detox Tea, Fit Chews, Digestion Plus, Antioxidant & Immunity Boosters, Daily Power Packs

    • Use the Arbonne Essentials Sample Bag, found under General – Item #9142

    • Fit Kit Card to include: click here to download.


Sample Packs

The key to success when working with sample packs of any kind is setting a time to follow up with the person trying them; the fortune is always in the follow up!  See below for the letter to enclose with an RE9 sample pack, the pea protein info page to enclose with individual protein shake samples, and great cards to insert into clear envelopes with a sample of that product.

Clear envelopes of all sizes may be found at or on Amazon.  At, the envelope that is the perfect size for the Opportunity Packet and for the RE9 Sample Pack is #B85. 



Opportunity packets are the best way to share information about our business opportunity. "If I gave you some information on Arbonne's income opportunity, would you take a look at it?"  

Here's what goes inside:

  • Arbonne Opportunity Brochure - found in Business Aids

  • Compensation Plan print out

  • One to two EOAs (Arbonne Success Stories)

Remember! You will want to make sure everything from your catalogs, to sample packs, to opportunity packets are clearly labeled with your full contact information - phone number, email, and personal Arbonne website link. 

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