When I began, I thought, “how hard can this be?” 

I knew it would be work, but I thought work was just sharing the products and the incredible Arbonne story.  Simple! I believed in both!  But for everyone who makes a decision that takes them out of their comfort zone to create change, to significantly impact lives and to bring true freedom, there is always resistance.  Usually something in your first 30, 60, 90, 120 days looks different than you thought it would.  Maybe those closest to you whom you thought would support and encourage you do not.  Maybe they are skeptical or outright opposed.  Maybe those whom you thought would want to join you are not interested or want to watch and see how you do first.  And more.....Welcome to normal!

Here is an amazing truth: when you step out to do something you've never done in order to have choices you've never had, it can make others uncomfortable.  Why? Because they deeply desire those choices too but are afraid to go for their dreams, and they don't know what to do with you when you begin to go for yours. Knowing this will explain a lot!  And now you have a choice - to let others decide your future or to commit to designing it yourself.

Beware of taking a snapshot of today and making up a story about it that does not serve you (“I don't have what it takes, I don't know enough people, I don't know the right people, no one is going to join me in business.....”).  Instead, make a conscious choice to recognize every thought that does not serve you and take you closer to your goals and exchange it for one that does. (Hint:  get the time frame for making that exchange down from a week to a day, to an hour, to a minute, to a moment). 

Read Dare to Dream & Work to Win by Dr. Tom Barrett,

followed by his Success Happens

He lays down three foundational principles for success:

  1. Consistent effort
  2. Duplication
  3. Give it enough time

These are not special talents that some are lucky to get and others just didn't!  Any and every person reading this can choose to do these three things.

Dr. Barrett also talks about the four ingredients for success - memorize them!

1) Determine what you want.

2) Determine what you are willing to give up for what you want.

3) Associate with people who will help you get what you want.

4) Have a plan that works, and work the plan.

Commit to carving out time for personal growth and development daily - your business will grow in proportion to your personal growth; there is no short cut around this one.  Feeding your mind with truth will empower you to exchange those stories that do not serve you for stories that do, and then the sound of belief will come through in your asking.  There is never anything wrong with anyone's business that activity cannot cure.

My #1 favorite training series is found on SoundCloud (free app).  Search Build It Big Mrs. Cambo.  It is six one-hour calls by ENVP Cecilia Stoll and ENVP Linda Parker.  Cecilia is our direct upline and the #1 income earner in Arbonne.  Linda is also in the top ten income earners.  They are down to earth and full of inspiration and practical advice.  Commit (to yourself!) to at least one call per week to get the most from this series.  Some references to pricing, etc. are outdated, but their wisdom and experience are timeless and powerful.

Take responsibility for your own business from the start, remembering that "if it's to be, it's up to me."  But while you are in business for yourself, you are never in business by yourself.  Reach out to your sponsor and upline to direct and encourage you.  

I believe in each one of you.  Choose today to believe in yourself, because he who thinks he can or can is always right.




Below are a few of the most common "hurdles" we can face. Here we walk through them together.

Comparing yourself or your journey with someone else

The comparison game is detrimental to your business because it is having the opposite effect of personal growth.  Instead of focusing on your becoming the best version of yourself, it places your focus on “What’s wrong with me?  Why is this person experiencing so much success, and I’m stuck at________?”  The good news is that like everything else in this business, we get to make all the decisions.  Decide not to compare, and choose to be genuinely happy for the success of all your sidelines.  When one wins, we all win.  

Next, know that there is nothing wrong with anyone’s business that activity cannot cure.  If you’re starting to think “it” is not working for you, look at your calendar to be sure that you are working for your business!  And there is nothing that brings positive energy more than sponsoring a new consultant, watching his/her sleeping giant awaken, and helping them get off to a strong start.

If activity is not coming together, commit to personal growth.  Find the time (make the time!) to read daily and to listen to a daily training message; most are 15 minutes or less.  Fill your mind with truth, and act on that truth.


Discouraged over not promoting OR losing a management level:

Know that it’s not the setbacks that count; it’s the comebacks!  Today is a new day, and you get to decide everything about your business and what you want your life to look like!  My favorite story is ENVP Cecilia Stoll’s:  She had just promoted to Nation, and in the two weeks that followed, she had a baby,  AND her only RVP quit, went to another NWM company, and actively recruited her downline to come with her.  Stian Morck called Cecilia and asked, “what are you going to do if you lose Nation? (At that time, no one had ever lost Nation).  Cecilia said, “I’ll get it right back.”  Not long after, she met and sponsored ENVP Deanna Herrin.  We are under Deanna; if Cecilia had quit when the going was rough, not one of us would be Hope Dealers today.  Our decision to quit or keep going when there are setbacks and obstacles and dream stealers affects far more than just our own lives – keep going for the future sleeping giants longing to be awakened.

Cecilia also said, “If everyone quits, I will be the last one standing.” I made that my commitment the day I heard her share this (about 9 years ago), and my entire time in Arbonne, Cecilia has been standing as the #1 income earner.  Will you commit to being the last one standing?

....watch for more to come from the many voices of the Hope Dealers Nation 

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