Sponsoring!  Why does this come so easily for some while others are filled with fears about asking another person to consider this business opportunity?  There are two areas of belief that make all the difference, because like all other parts of this business, it begins in the mind.'

We Act On What We Believe To Be True

It’s Important To Believe:


Our job is not to convince anyone to join us; it is only to ask another person if they would unwrap the gift, explore the contents, and then decide if they want to leave it or take it.  Our job is simply to inform and educate.  We are not asking anyone to do anything for us; we are offering them a life-changing opportunity.


The truth is that they need this business far more than we need them; if they do not see that, no problem.  They might down the road or they might not.  But if they remain in our “maybe” column while we think of reasons not to ask them, they will very likely move into someone else’s “yes” column.

In summary, sponsoring comes from a passionate belief in how this business could be a life-changer for the other person.  If we leave a conversation where they said no to this, and we are feeling sorry for ourselves, it’s a sign that it had been all about us, about growing our business.  But if we leave a conversation where they said no, and we feel sorry for them (“it’s so sad that they just don’t see it”), then we truly made it all about the other person.

How to Make the Ask

You will be coached on how to make your business asks during your Strategy Session and during the New Consultant Training; you can also review the asking verbiage here and listen to Ask, Ask, Ask! by NVP Dr. Laura Fortner.

Click here for video: how to sign a new consultant up

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6 minute Arbonne Opportunity video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cmDbpyVByX0

Want more?

If you find you are not personally sponsoring new consultants, it is always because of a crack in belief...

in one or more of these four areas:

1. Our products

This one is rare, because it is easily fixed by using them!

2. Our company 

This one is rare too, especially once you’ve been to GTC and have seen firsthand the hearts and minds of our CEO and home office.

3. The industry of network marketing

Often there’s a crack here!

4. Yourself

Very often there’s a crack here!

As long as these cracks are not filled, sponsoring will be a struggle, something that causes worry, something that hangs over you like your least favorite household chore!  But once the cracks are filled, sponsoring becomes a joy and a privilege; this business feels like a gift that is meant to be shared, and your mind constantly says, “How dare I not share this?”


How to fill the crack of belief in network marketing:

Read The Business of the 21st Century and The Four Year Career

Read the Arbonne Success Stories

Read Dare to Dream & Work to Win

Come to or watch the RVA meeting the first Tuesday of each month!



How to fill the crack of belief in yourself:

Listen carefully for the stories you tell yourself.  Are they serving you and taking you closer to your goals?  If not, quickly exchange that story (that lie) that is not serving you for a story (truth!) that does serve you and take you closer to your goals.  This business is 10% skill an 90% what our mind tells us, so you must feed your mind daily with a steady diet of truth about your worth, your purpose, and your ability to succeed, to change your life, and to help others change theirs.  Borrow your upline’s belief in you until you have your own!

Read the Arbonne Success Stories – you’ll see that these VPs faced the same fears and doubts, but they went to work on themselves and got into activity.  You’ll begin to think (correctly) “Why not me?”

Listen to the SoundCloud trainings recommended by your upline.