Keep the following in mind when deciding on which ones are worth your time AND how to maximize your efforts during and after the event:

  1. Think of your target market - go to events where you’re likely to meet more of them.  Gyms and health fairs are great! What about tables at dance studios, swim team practices or meets, etc.?  Even if there is not an organized event, ask if you can set up a table at a busy time.
  2. Most will have a fee; some will be free with you donating a door prize.  I always donate a gift certificate (also under Vendor Events) of $25 or $50 or more of Arbonne products.  I wrap it with a catalogue and tie with pretty ribbon.  The recipient has to call me to redeem it, then the call results in my taking a tester set of RE9 and other samples to them, which results in a pick-up appointment.  On the fee, I usually stay within the $30 - $50 range.  Be cautious about doing any that cost hundreds of dollars!
  3. Know that your success is not measured by the QV of products sold from your table; your wealth is the new contacts!  
  4. Think like an athlete - At gyms and sporting events, it does help if you have full size protein shakes and Fizz Sticks for Cash & Carry!
  5. New contacts will not come from your handing out your business card or samples and hoping they will call you.  Have lead slips out (and cute container or bag for them to drop them in) at the front of the table with a sign, “Drop in to win a $50 gift certificate.” (Hint:  as soon as they leave, make notes on the back about what they looked like, what you talked about, etc. so you can recall who is who later)!  You choose the winner of that gift certificate from who was truly interested; there can be multiple winners!
  6. Have sample packs of RE9, shakes, fizz sticks, and any others on the table – FOR SALE for $2 each, letting them know the $2 will be credited to their order.  That way, if they never return your call, you have been reimbursed for the sample.  Another variation:  Put the RE9 pack, a shake, a detox tea, and a fizz stick all in a clear envelope and call it The Arbonne Experience; sell this for $5 (again, crediting the $5 back if they order).
  7. Make your table attractive and inviting!  If allowed to bring food, make protein bars and cut into small squares.  Food attracts people!   If electricity is easily accessible, you can choose to make shakes too.
  8. The fortune is in the follow up! If they purchase a sample, set a time in 2 days when you will call them.  If they just drop in a lead slip, call within 48 hours.

MINDSET is key! 

Every time I set up a table and watch others setting up all kinds of things around me, I think, “everyone else is just selling products today, but I have a business opportunity on this table that could change the life of someone who comes to me today.”  Remember, you are looking for those who are looking for you!

The question is often asked, “Can a vendor event count as one of my six group events for the month?” Remember that you are your own boss here, so it’s up to you!  Personally, I do not count a vendor event as one of my six groups for the month, because I am not getting to present the whole Arbonne story, but I DO see these events as awesome opportunities to meet people whom I did not know when I woke up that morning!  With follow up, those I meet at the vendor event could become new PCs, new hosts, and new business partners.  I will go to sleep that night knowing I did something for my business today!  

True story:  ENVP Deanna Herrin was an AREA MANAGER working a table at an event, and one of those who stopped at her table that day became one of her direct NVPs – you never know!


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Lead Slips: See number 5 above! 

Sample email content: to use when following up with a contact from a vendor event who expressed interest in our 30 Day Clean Eating. 

Gym Proposal

Gift Certificate